About Perry

Niesen with Oberhofen Castle, Canton Bern, Switzerland

Like the picture above, I see new and evolving technologies within IT as a beautiful mountain. It invites you to climb it and be part of its beauty. But when climbing a mountain unprepared and without the know-how how to do it, the trip is hard, and mistakes are easily made.

For software and cloud projects, it is important to prepare, learn about new technologies, investigate their possibilities, and more importantly, learn about the small details that can become a problem.

I am Perry, a Cloud Architect, living and working in Switzerland. Since the 90s, I have worked on big IT projects in banking, pharma, water management, military, and other governmental services. I started as a Borland Delphi developer in a startup company in The Netherlands and through the years I grew being an architect, nowadays mostly cloud focused.
Technologies are my passion, and I am still getting excited about what is going on in my field of expertise. Currently, I am working mostly on Azure with side steps to AWS and Google Cloud Platform. Special topics are Journey to the Cloud, High-Availability, Sustainability, and Multi-Cloud.

With this blog, I like to some of those exciting topics I encounter professionally, to inspire and give back to the community.

Azure Solutions Architect